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6 Flowers For Your Sympathy Bouquet

It has been a long-standing tradition to send someone flowers as a way to show your sympathy. Really, any flowers will be appreciated when someone is facing a challenging time. However, there are some flowers that, in particular, are thought of as good choices for sympathy bouquets. Here are six of them.


These round, vibrantly colored flowers are seen as a symbol of death, but also a way to show remembrance of a life that has been lost. If your sympathy arrangement is for someone who lost a loved one, then chrysanthemums are a wise choice. Look for them in yellow, if possible, since yellow stands for warmth and caring.


Orchids are hard to grow and very delicate. As such, they are highly prized and valued, just like your loved one who is going through a tough time. If you don't want to give them a large bouquet, a small bouquet of a few orchids is a lovely choice. Most orchids are pink and white.


Daffodils are often thought of as the spring flowers that appear first in your garden beds. But florists also use them in arrangements sometimes. Their vibrant, yellow color is quite cheery and makes them a good choice for a sympathy bouquet if you're hoping to lift the recipient's spirits. Because they are early spring flowers, they also symbolize new beginnings.


Forget-me-nots are tiny flowers that may initially seem like an odd choice for a bouquet. But consider their name! These flowers are a reminder to not forget someone who you have lost. Their memory will live on inside of those they cared for. Forget-me-nots typically come in pale blue and white.


Hyacinths are tall, fragrant flowers. They are said to symbolize sorrow, which can make them a good choice for a sympathy arrangement. A simple bouquet with one large hyacinth in the center and some smaller flowers around the outside would be a unique and beautiful choice.


Tulips are easy to come by and universally known. They're a good flower to include in your sympathy arrangement if you want it to feel comforting and familiar. As an early spring flower, they also symbolize new beginnings, which can be fitting in some situations. 

As you work with a florist to design a sympathy arrangement, keep the flowers above in mind. Your florist may have some additional recommendations, depending on the occasion and what's in season. Contact a local service to learn more about sympathy flowers.